Ariyoshi’s Summer Vacation – Rainforest Kayak Self-Guided Tour, Oahu, Hawaii 2017

Our services were highlighted on Japanese Television for Ariyoshi’s Summer Vacation when the stars experienced the Rainforest River Kayak Self-guided Tour. Book or get more information about the experience at:

Ariyoshi’s Summer Vacation 2017 highlighted some of the best or most unique activities to do on Oahu and the Rainforest River kayaking experience made the cut! the Rainforest River Kayaking in Kahana valley truly is unique. You get to experience what Oahu used to be like years ago since there are restrictions on more development in the area since it’s a large state park with a local Hawaiian population living on the property as caretakers. There is also a picturesque lush jungle valley you get to paddle up as well as have the option to do some ocean kayaking. Check out the TV spot where they highlighted our kayaking experience in Kahana Valley.

The self-guided Rainforest Kayak Tour in Kahana Valley is one of the best places to kayak on Oahu. The water is calm year-round and it’s great for beginners. The scenery and nature around you is amazing, complete with tall mountains, green plants and a calm stream to kayak on. For adventurous souls who want to embrace their inner Tarzan, there’s a couple rope swings as you head up the valley. If you are interested in nature and want to experience an adventure while still being safe, this is the experience for you.

We provide you with life vests and all the equipment you need to kayak. We also provide foam pads and straps so that you can transport the kayaks about 1 mile to the launch location.

Ariyoshi's Summer Vacation

It’s worth the effort of transporting the kayaks. We will help you strap them on, then you will unload them and head out to go kayaking!