Michael Gulden started this company in 2013 as a way to share some of the best places on Oahu in an adventurous and family friendly way. Rather than choosing the mainstream Oahu tours and locations, we wanted to make the tours authentic and more personalized. If you take our tours, you’ll get a local-style tour experience with authentic and friendly guides. In order to keep things fresh, the guides are less scripted and more themselves. We also keep our tour groups small and private. We try not to combine groups without giving you a call beforehand.

More recently, we started doing rental deliveries in order to help those adventurous souls who don’t want/need a guide. This is especially nice for those staying at vacation rentals who are on a perfect beach, but there is no place to rent any kayaks or SUPs. That’s where we come in and make the deliveries straight to your door and with multiple day rentals, you can enjoy the convenience of having beach equipment longer. We also deliver to beaches, but plan in advance, we get booked pretty quick.

Where to go from here

Check out our Tours and Activities page if you are looking for a guided tour. Want a multi-day rental or gear delivery? Visit our Rentals page.