Kaneohe Bay Kayaking and Snorkeling Experience

Oahu Kayaking Activities and Tours

Choose from some of our activities listed here or give us a call to make a special package. We have local-style guided tours as well as pre-planned self-guided experiences for those who don't need a guide, but want to experience the best Oahu has to offer. The other advantage with self-guided experiences is that you are able to see and experience more things than any guided tour will ever be permitted to do.

Learn more about our tours and self-guided activities on our Oahu Kayaking and Beach Adventures page.

Guided Tours

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Mokulua Islands Guided Kayak Tour, Kailua’s Twin Islands

Once in a lifetime kayak to Mokulua Island in Kailua

Embark on an exhilarating guided kayak tour to the Twin Islands, led by our experienced guides! As we paddle towards Moku Nui, a designated bird sanctuary and we will provide permits for this adventure. Be sure to reserve your spot in advance, as availability is limited. During this 5-hour journey, you’ll encounter a vibrant array of wildlife, including sea turtles, Hawaiian monk seals, tropical fish, and sea birds. If weather conditions permit, we’ll explore the island’s hidden tide pools and venture to its back side. This tour is ideal for physically active kayakers aged 13 years and older.

*We conveniently provide the kayaks and beach gear at our Kailua storefront for pickup so you can easily have a great time out in Kailua Bay after we provide you with on-site instruction, and helpful info.

 5 hours       Kailua, Oahu


View of Flat Island, Popoia Island, and the Mokolua Islands

Popoia Island & Kailua Bay Guided Kayak Tour

Best Beginner Kayak Experience in Kailua

Kayak in the crystal clear waters of Kailua Bay with one of our guides and visit one of Oahu's smallest offshore islands. It's only a half-hour paddle away! On the tour, you may spot sea turtles and colorful fish from your kayak or while on Popoi'a Island (also known as Flat Island). Experience great views of Kailua Bay and Kailua Beach. You will kayak to the Popoi'a island bird sanctuary and then explore the perimeter on foot. This Kailua kayak tour is great for beginners and for those with Children 8 years and older. Full day option includes access to beach gear to enjoy at the beach. Join us for a half or full day of exploration, connection, and culinary delight.

*We conveniently provide the kayaks and beach gear at our Kailua storefront for pickup so you can easily have a great time out in Kailua Bay after we provide you with on-site instruction, and helpful info.

 3 Hours or Full Day       Kailua, Oahu

Haleiwa Paddleboarding

Calm Water Paddling, Great for Families

Join us for Oahu SUP Lessons in Haleiwa, Hawaii, the Surf Capitol of the World hosted by Rainbow Watersports. Coming up to beautiful North Shore of Oahu is a must for any visitor to feel the aloha vibes and experience the beautiful water. Enjoy smooth and calm stand-up paddle boarding on both the ocean and an inland stream. You'll have a chance to see some sea turtles, great scenery and the awesome weather of Oahu's North Shore. Our guides will get you up and standing in no time.

 4 Hours       Haleiwa

Join our Oahu Surf Lessons as a beginner or go on a Surf Excursion with one of our guides. All surf lessons are hosted by Sea and Board Sports Hawaii. Beginner or not, we have the surfing lessons for you. 90% of our guests are first time surfers and we excel at teaching easy steps to get you up. For beginners we offer lessons both as private or in a group. We teach surf lessons for both children and adults. You can be standing and surfing even if it is your first time. We also do surf tours for experienced surfers looking to sample the best breaks of North Shore Oahu. Reserve a private tour guide to take you around and hone your technique. Surf locations depend on the seasons, but expect to catch some waves and have tons of fun. ​

 2 hours       North Shore Oahu

Self-Guided Experiences

Get the peace of mind and ease in having all of the equipment provided, a plan and a route mapped out in excellent detail for you to reference when exploring Oahu on a kayak. You get the expert advice on where to go and what to see, but it is your journey and you can make adjustments along the way! The pace you go and how long you stay is all determined by your group, and there isn’t an ounce of pressure to go on anyone else’s journey except your own.

Oahu Kayak Rentals

Chinaman’s Hat Self-Guided Kayak Tour

Oahu's Best Kayaking Adventure

Experience ocean kayaking to Mokolii on our Chinaman's Hat Self-Guided Kayak Tour*. We provide everything you need to have a great and safe time out on the water. You'll get kayaks, seat backs, life vests, dry bags safety equipment, heavy duty pads, straps and private instruction before you set out on your own to experience Chinaman's Hat. Experience this one of a kind Oahu adventure with plenty of epic views. We suggest this tour for individuals who are experienced in kayaking or are comfortable kayaking in the ocean.

*We conveniently provide the kayaks and beach gear at our Kailua storefront for pickup so you can easily have a great time out on Mokoli'i after we provide you with on-site instruction, and helpful info.

 4 Hours       Kualoa


Kailua Bay & Mokulua Islands Self-Guided Kayak Tour

Best Oahu kayak trip for independent explorers

Make your visit to Kailua, Oahu an all-day adventure. You'll be able to kayak at your own pace and get all the gear you need for an amazing day on Kailua Bay. You can even grab some beach gear once you are done Kayaking. You can kayak to the Mokes, Popoia Island, and all around Kailua Bay. Take a break and relax on the beach and soak in the sun. We'll provide you with instruction, dry bags, snorkel gear, safety equipment, and permits for landing on the islands.

 All Day       Kailua, Oahu

East Oahu Self-Guided Kayaking Experience

Kayak to many locations on the East Coast of Oahu

Experience the amazing views of Oahu's windward coastline and offshore islands on your kayaking adventure. Choose your own adventure from many kayaking routes that are protected by reefs or in bays. Get plenty of sun and kayaking time on this 4-hour or all-day Oahu self-guided kayak experience.

*We make your East Oahu Kayak experience a breeze. You will meet us at our Kailua storefront and we will provide roof pads and straps so you can drive to the kayaking destination. Kayaks easily fit on top of any 4-door vehicle and most vans.

 4 hrs/All Day       Oahu, Hawaii


Best Oahu Kayak Tour

Kahana Rainforest River Kayak Self-Guided Tour

Best All-Around Oahu Kayak Experience

This is the Best Kayaking Experience on Oahu. This self-guided* Oahu kayak tour takes you up a calm river into the secluded Kahana valley then out into Kahana Bay for a great view of the coast and mountains. Enjoy the picturesque landscape of turquoise ocean, secluded beach, green-clad mountains and plentiful jungle of Kahana Valley. The whole place has an Amazonian like feel to it.

*No tour guide provided. You will need a 4-door vehicle (or vehicle with roof racks) to transport the equipment to the river (40-minute drive) from our storefront in Kailua. We provide foam pads and straps that fit most vehicles

 4 Hours       Kahana


Sharks Cove Self-Guided Snorkel

Explore Oahu's Underwater Treasures

Shark’s Cove is arguably the most iconic snorkeling spot in the world. It consistently ranks in the “Top Shore Dives in the World” lists. We want to share our favorite summer snorkel spot with you and provide everything you need to enjoy the experience!
You will meet us at our Kailua storefront to pickup the gear. With this self-guided tour, you'll get a small bottle of biodegradable baby shampoo as defog for your mask, a dry bag, a snorkel mask and fins, a life vest, and some great tips on where to snorkel and the best routes.

 4 Hours       North Shore


Beach Gear Rentals

You already know the way and just want the gear? We are available to help you out with everything you need for your adventure.

Oahu Tandem Kayak Rentals with free delivery

Tandem Kayak Rentals In Kailua

The best way to see Oahu on the water

Need kayaks and a convenient location to pick them up at? We provide the best value Oahu kayak rentals on the island. We rent out tandem kayaks so you can enjoy the best kayaking locations on Oahu. Reserve kayaks to go out to Kailua Bay to explore Popoia or the Mokulua Islands, paddle to Mokoli'i (Chinaman's Hat) Island, venture out on Oahu's Windward coast or Paddle the rain forest river in Kahana Valley and experience the epic mountains of the Ko'oloau Mountain Range.

 8am-5pm       Kailua

Rent e-bikes to ride to Lanikai Beach in Kailua

Kailua Electric Bike Rentals

Best way to get around in Kailua

Rent an electric bike to get to the beach or cruise around town. Avoid the traffic and stress of parking and pedal your way to paradise. You can cruise from our shop on a short 10 minute ride to Kailua beach or a bit further to get to Lanikai beach. You’ll have the freedom to stop and shop in town or just spend the day beach hopping.

 4-8hrs       Kailua


Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals Near Laie

Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

Try gliding on a SUP

Come over to our shop in Kailua and pick up some paddleboards. Reserve paddle boards to go out to Kailua Bay, Mokoli'i (Chinaman's Hat) or Paddle the rainforest river in Kahana Valley and experience the epic mountains of the Ko'oloau Mountain Range.

*That's right, we rent out Kayaks & Stand Up Paddle Boards and other beach equipment. Foam pads and straps are included so you can transport the equipment to the best paddling on Oahu.

 8am-5pm       Kailua


Oahu Beach Chair Rentals

Beach Chair Rentals

Relax on the beach

Need Oahu beach chair rentals, but don't want to haul or manage them? We deliver beach chair rentals straight to your vacation home or private address. Reserve some reclining backpack beach chairs and enjoy a full day at the beach. Enjoy the view at beaches such as Lani Kai in Kailua or Kawela Bay, Sunset Beach, Pipeline or Pounders Beach in Laie. There are tons of great beaches on Oahu to use your beach chair rentals at, just make a note in the booking form, email or call us if you need suggestions.

 8am-5pm       Kailua


Beach Umbrella Rentals

Extend your beach day

We make it easy to have a long beach day with our Oahu beach umbrella rentals. Avoid getting sunburned while you relax on the beach or take a rest from one of your adventures with our convenient and easy to use beach umbrellas. We offer delivery services to private addresses and vacation homes in Kailua and on North & East Oahu.

 8am-5pm       Kailua


Oahu Snorkel Mask and Fin Rentals

Snorkel Mask and Fin Rentals

Explore the underwater world

Need snorkel mask and fin rentals on North Shore Oahu or Windward Oahu? We offer Oahu snorkel mask and fin rentals and deliver the snorkel gear straight to your vacation rental address or beach location*. Reserve snorkel gear to enjoy the reef near your vacation home or experience Sharks Cove in Pupukea in the Summer. There are many great snorkeling places on Oahu to explore. You can even paddle out on a kayak out to Mokoli'i (Chinaman's Hat) and snorkel there too. We have snorkel gear for youth and adults of all sizes.

 8am-5pm       Kailua


Oahu Boogie Board Rentals

Boogie Board Rentals

Catch waves, or just float around

Need Boogie Board rentals for playing on the shore break? Book our Oahu boogie board rentals from our storefront in Kailua or we will deliver them straight to your vacation rental or private address. Reserve Boogie boards for a relaxing day at Koko’olio Beach park, Maleakahana Beach Park, Pounder beach (if you are skilled), or just in from of your vacation rental.

 8am-5pm       Kailua


Oahu beginner surfboard rentals

Beginner Surf Board Rentals

Catch waves and paddle in the ocean

We provide Oahu beginner surf board rentals and deliver the boards straight to your vacation rental or private address*. Have a perfect day long boarding at Malaekahana beach park or maybe right in front of your vacation home. We also have convenient multiple day rental options. Check out our 3 day rental rates, they are the best value.

 8am-5pm       Kailua


Oahu Dry Bag Rentals

Dry Bag Rentals

Keep your belongings dry

Going on an adventure, but need to keep your stuff dry? Add our Oahu dry bag rentals to any rental order. We make them affordable so it's a no-brainer to add them on to your order.

 8am-5pm       Kailua

Life vest rentals for adults

Life Vest Rentals

Stay Safe on your adventure

Oahu Life vest rentals are available complimentary with all kayak, standup paddleboard, surfboard, or boogie board rentals, but if you need to rent extra life vests or would like to hire a set of life jackets for the gear you already have, you've come to the right place. We offer a variety of life vest rentals for all shapes and sizes. This includes everything from XXL life vests to Infant or child life vests.

 8am-5pm       Kailua


Oahu Kayak Anchor Rentals

Kayak Anchor Rentals

Stay in one place for a while

Add-on our Oahu kayak anchor rentals to your kayak hire. Use an anchor for your next kayaking adventure out to the Kaneohe Bay Sandbar or snorkeling offshore with a kayak. Keeps the equipment safe and allows you to have more complete adventures.

 8am-5pm       Kailua


Kayak or SUP Trolley

Easy transport for your kayak or SUP

Our Oahu kayak trolley rentals are a great add-on item for your multi-day kayaking trips for your Oahu vacation. Convenient transport for your equipment with less effort.

 8am-6pm       Delivery


Portable Cooler Rentals

Keep your drinks cold

We provide Oahu cooler rentals and deliver them straight to your vacation rental address or beach location*. Our coolers are great for a day on the beach. They have a carry handle, durable zippers and are easy to carry. Enjoy a relaxing day on the beach with some beach chairs, umbrellas and a cooler. Check out our 3 day rates, they are the best value.

 8am-5pm       Kailua