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Experience some of our favorite snorkel spots when you rent out our gear. Oahu has great snorkeling year-round and with plenty of fish, coral, and sea turtles. You'll get some good tips from the guide then set off to explore the ocean floor and see some great fish and coral while you snorkel among the lava rock and underwater boulders. The more adventurous sort can seek out tunnels and caves or do free diving to see bigger fish. We also rent out snorkel gear for multiple days if you are looking to go snorkeling throughout your stay on Oahu.

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North Shore
  • $65 – Visitor
  • $55 – Kama'aina / Military
  • $55 – Children (under 12 years old)
Oahu Snorkel Tour with Sea Turtles
  • Great for beginners
  • We’ll show you some of our favorite spots to snorkel
  • For those more experienced, we’ll plenty of free diving to get close up to the sea life
How to prepare
  • Apply sunscreen
  • Wear a swimsuit
  • Wear a rash-guard if you need extra sun protection
  • Bring/wear water shoes or sandals to get down to the beach
  • Please leave valuable at home

“We had a great time! Bradley was the best-thanks for the great memories! Can’t wait to come back to the Island, to do it again!”

Deneen F 
Reno, NV

“We had a fantastic time with Active Oahu Tours, and went on many tours with them during our two week stay in Oahu. Spencer and Mike were both great guides, and had that fantastic and rare mixture of encouragement and patience when it came to youngest in the family (and sometimes the older ones too!) Highly recommended!”

Cecilia R 
London, England

“They were professional and fun! We had limited mobility and they were still able to show us amazing things and took perfect care of us. They really cared about us and only wanted to see us have a good vacation.”

Activity Overview

We offer a free-form Oahu snorkel gear rentals with snorkel locations either on the east side of Oahu or North Shore Oahu. We’re flexible due to the variety of snorkel locations, guest experience and variable conditions depending on the season or weather. Currently our snorkel experiences are all from the shoreline, either a rocky entry or sandy entry depending on the guests.

Some of the locations we like to go to include:

Sharks Cove – One of the best snorkel and dive spots on the island! It’s great for beginners and even better for more experienced snorkelers. With all sorts of lava tubes and varying depths around the whole cove, you can explore some sweet pockets of ocean life. There are always fish hanging about along with scattered coral and sea urchins. If you are lucky you’ll also see sea turtles (more common) and sting rays (less common). All in all, Sharks cove is best for it’s ever-changing lava tubes and great underwater views.

If you are looking to do scuba, Book Online with Banzai Divers Hawaii. Their Lava Tubes and Cathedral Scuba is great!

Three tables
Waimea Bay
Chinaman’s Hat
Other Spots on Windward Oahu – We won’t reveal each spot since a lot of the experience has to do with weather/water conditions being “just right.”

Call us at 808.498.1894 or book online for multi-day Oahu snorkel gear rentals so you can go any day of your trip!

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