FAQ – Oahu Beach Gear Rentals

Our Oahu Beach Gear Rentals are here to make your Oahu adventures a breeze. Here are the steps:

  1. Call or Book Online: Select your equipment, Choose your day, time, and place (private address or storefront in Kailua) for the pickup & drop-off.
  2. Enjoy your day or week with the beach gear.
  3. We pick up the equipment at the scheduled day, time, and private address. If picked up from our storefront we will accept the return there.

Can you accommodate large groups or events? — Yes we can. We have successfully worked with multiple large groups and corporate events and can help organize and facilitate activities. Please get in touch with us at [email protected].

Can we rent gear for a just couple of hours for less than the 4-hour or daily rate? — No, we charge for 4 hours minimum, but you can end your daily or 4-hour rental early with no problem as long as you notify us either when you pick up the equipment or when you make the booking. If you need to end your gear rental early, notify us as soon as you can by text or call (808)498-1894.

How long is the “Full Day” rental? — From 8 am to 4.30 pm. Make sure you are back at our shop before 5 pm. If you want your beach gear rentals for longer than daytime hours, get a 2-day rental or if you are an early bird, request delivery the night before so that you can have it for the early morning of your scheduled booking day.

Where can you deliver? We deliver to private addresses around Kailua and up to Sunset Beach on the North Shore. We also deliver out to Haleiwa for larger orders. We like to stay agile and deliver great service. Sometimes going up to the north shore in the early afternoon on the way to Haleiwa, you’ll hit Turtle Traffic, so if you want some gear up there, it might be best to have it delivered in the morning and picked up in the evening.

We can deliver straight to your vacation rental.

The state of Hawaii does not allow unpermitted commercial activities of any kind on beaches or public areas outside of our storefront. Come to our storefront and we will help you load equipment on your vehicle.

Where should we meet you? — Meet at our storefront in Kailua or specify the private address or hotel where we will deliver. If we need clarification after you book, we will email, call or text you. If you have more questions before or after you book, just email, call, or text us.

Where is the best place to _________? — We have some of that info on each of the rental pages for the gear, but we’ll be coming out with more info and a complete guide for that soon. Your best bet right now is to call our local experts at (808)489-1894 and they can help you get set up with the adventure you are looking for.

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