FAQ – Chinaman’s Hat Kayak & Hike

Is the water really deep? — it gets to about 10 ft at the deepest parts where we are kayaking. The whole area around the islet is an old lava plane, so it’s nice and relatively shallow and has some coral reef to protect it from large waves.

Will there be more people joining us or will it be only us and the guide? — All of our tours are Private tours, so just your group and the guide. Please, if you want to guarantee your tour is private, notify us upon booking. We may combine groups if just one or 2 people want to join in, but not without contacting you about it.

Do you offer any guide that can speak Spanish or “X” language? — Right now we have a couple guides that speak Spanish fluently, I personally speak Romanian, although I have yet to use it for tours. We can’t guarantee a certain guide for your scheduled tour time, but we are flexible.

Do you need to have any previous experience in kayaking? — No prior experience Kayaking needed, just the willingness to listen to instruction, teamwork in paddling and be ready for an adventure! Although, if conditions are stormy or extra windy, we will relocate to the rainforest river location about 10 mins away

Is the hike really steep or slippery? — there are two options for the hike, both of which I highly suggest you wear athletic shoes for.

One goes straight up the side of the islet. It starts with a gradual incline then has some rocks you will need to use both your hands and feet to climb and then there are parts that are indeed “steep and slippery”. There is also a section of bouldering to get to the top of the islet where there is a great view. If you have a fear of heights or doubt your strength, I don’t suggest this route.

The other option is to take a path around the circumference of the islet to a nice little secluded beach on the back side. This trail has lots of small rocks, but it’s relatively flat. There are parts where you’d climb up or down half a meter on the rocks, so nothing crazy.

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