Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our list of general frequently asked questions with answers below. You can also visit these links for more specific FAQs that pertain to each activity/tour:

FAQ – Chinaman’s Hat Kayak & Hike
FAQ – Rental Deliveries

If you have any questions or think they should be added to help out other guests, feel free to contact us, so email, call, text or tell us when you meet the guide for a tour. We are always looking for ways to improve.

What is the best way to get a hold of you? — The best way to reach us is to call (808)498-1894 8am-5pm HST Monday – Saturday (we are closed on Sunday). If you need to get a hold of us on Sunday or after hours, please leave a voicemail, send us an email or text so we can get back to you first thing on Monday. We also respond quickly to emails at [email protected] during normal business hours.

Can we visit you at a storefront? — We do not have a storefront. For tours and rentals, we meet you at the tour location or scheduled equipment rental location as communicated through the confirmation email, over the phone or through text.

Can you deliver Kayaks to “_______________”? — Generally, the answer is Yes! but sometimes it depends on our schedule. Make your reservations in advance so you get priority. More information about our delivery locations is found here: Active Oahu Kayak Delivery Locations

Why is there a $76 minimum order for rentals? — We like to remain flexible and agile and that means we expect a lot from our workers. That has a cost, so the minimum order covers our costs and helps you have an awesome time outside.

What kind of activities does Active Oahu Tours do? — We like to create experiences that are fun, free-form, flexible to work with your group and adapt to your needs. We want to give you a more local experience, so let our staff be your friends in helping you explore Oahu. Many of our experiences are “off the beaten path”, so expect to meet us and do activities in places less traveled by tourists or locals.

What is the best way to get to your meeting locations? — We suggest renting a car, that way you have the freedom of using your own vehicle and have the ability to get a more in-depth view of Oahu & especially Oahu’s North Shore.

A personal or rental vehicle is required for the Rainforest River Kayaking or Standup Paddleboarding experiences.

Public transportation, surprisingly, works as an option, but not quite the most luxurious one. At $5 for a round-trip anywhere on the island, it’s hard to beat price-wise. Although, you end up paying in time since it takes anywhere from 15-45 mins longer to get to your destination. Google Maps makes it easy to map out your journey. It even helps you choose the right buses and transfer points with accurate arrival times under “Public Transit” options.

Do you provide food for tours or activities? — We suggest bringing your own snacks and extra water for your group activities.