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Mokolii Kayak Rentals – Kayak and Hike Mokolii (Chinaman’s Hat)

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Rent a kayak and paddle to Mokolii island (also known as Chinaman's Hat) on the east shore of Oahu and experience both an ocean and mountain adventure. Ocean kayak over sheltered waters, hike on the trails of Mokoli’i, and take in the magnificent views of the Ko’olau Mountain range. We will help you load the equipment and instruct you where to launch for your adventure. The kayak rental includes everything you need to have a safe and enjoyable experience. The Tandem Kayaks fit one or two people and include life vests, seat backs, and paddles. Book now to experience kayaking to Mokolii, explore the tide pools and trails, and enjoy scenic views of the East shore of Oahu.

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4-Hours 1-Day
Kualoa Regional Park
Rent a Kayak to Mokolii, Chinaman's Hat

4hr - 1 Day Tandem Mokolii Kayak Rental Prices

4 Hours

4 hour minimum rental duration

1 Day

Full day rental, 9am - 5pm

2 Days
3 Days

Rent 3 days for $30 more than two 1 day rentals

4 Days
5 Days

Get 5 days for only $19 more than 4

6 Days
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  • Kayaking in the ocean protected by a large barrier coral reef
  • Hiking Mokoli’i, a basalt islet and remnant of a 2 million-year-old volcano known as the Ko’olau volcano
  • Experience incredible views of Kualoa Regional Park
  • Opportunity to follow curated instructions for your kayak adventure
  • Pick up kayaks from our Kailua storefront
How to prepare
  • Apply sunscreen beforehand
  • Bring a sun visor and/or sunglasses
  • Bring shoes to hike around Mokoli’i island
  • Consider bringing or renting a dry bag to keep your personal belongings safe
  • Bring water and make sure to pack in whatever you pack out
  • Leave Valuables at Home (not in your vehicle)

“We booked kayaks for our family to go to Mokoli’i. I was so impressed with the knowledge and responsiveness. Jared contacted me before our self guided tour and was there on time and available at pick-up. He was friendly and helpful as we navigated this most epic journey. I would 100% recommend this company to others.”

Mindy S

“This is an excellent service…a one stop shop that delivers to you! I am a resident without a way to carry a Kayak. Staff member was waiting on us when we got there and returned shortly after we arrived back from our trip. She was super friendly and professional. I will highly recommend to my friends and hiking family”

Nancy B

“Very convenient, only service we found that delivers to the location. Jason was a nice informative guy who helped us navigate. Do recommend the dry bags!”

Haley S
Rental Overview
  • Meet our team at our Kailua storefront and receive help loading the kayaks and special instructions.
  • Drive 30 minutes to Kualoa Regional Park
  • 15-30 minute paddle out to Mokoli’i
  • Hike up or around Mokoli’i
  • The kayaking and hiking fit comfortably in 4 hours

 Picture of rental gear needed to Paddle to MokoliiWe provide the rental kayak and gear; you embark on a kayaking, hiking, and even snorkeling adventure. During the booking process, you will choose which 4-hour time availability works for you and be able to select extra helpful gear like dry bags and snorkel equipment or even a standup paddleboard for those experienced in paddling in the ocean on a SUP. Once you book, an email will be sent to you with waivers to sign, the meeting location links, and other helpful reminders.

Our team will be waiting for you at the storefront in Kailua with your equipment ready for you to transport to Kualoa Regional Park. Once loaded you will drive 30 minutes to the park and will be able to walk the kayaks across the grass to the beach to embark on your ocean journey.

Mokolii Kayak Rentals

Kayaking to Mokolii Island

The paddle towards Mokoli’i is a usually smooth ride due to the shallower waters that cover a reef below you. The whole area is protected by the far edge of a barrier reef, so high surf is rare. On calm mornings you can paddle through the glassy water, can see fish swimming in the reef below you. You will land your kayak on the west side of the island (the side closest to the shoreline of Oahu) and take the kayak above the high tide line so you can explore.

Exploring Mokolii Island

The island is rocky, and the rocks can be hot during the afternoon hours so it is helpful to wear shoes while hiking to the top, or around the base of the island. Hiking to the top of Mokoli’i takes around 15-20 minutes and is the most challenging due to the steep and rocky inclines. There is a map of the easiest way to the top that we will provide for you. However, one does not have to climb all the way to the top to enjoy a beautiful view. Below is a view about halfway up the Mokolii island hike:

Views after kayaking kayaking and hiking half way up chinaman's hat

Mokolii Sheerwater Nesting grounds on the Hiking TrailHiking around the circumference of Mokoli’i is an easier option that doesn’t include drastic inclines. You also might come upon one of these fuzzy chicks near the trail. Please stay on all trails. The island is a bird sanctuary and nesting place for shorttail sheerwaters. They make burrows in the ground where they raise their chicks

Cove on the back side of MokoliiBack side of Chinaman's Hat CoveA secluded mini cove awaits on the East side of the island alongside some tide pools when the tide is out. The plant and wildlife are abundant on, and around, the islet so it is not uncommon to see wedge-tailed shearwater birds or sea turtles just off the coast.

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