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Tandem Kayak Rentals

The best way to see Oahu on the water

Need Kayaks, but don't want to haul or manage them? We provide the best value Oahu tandem kayak rentals on the island. We rent out and deliver tandem kayaks straight to your vacation rental address or beach location*. Reserve kayaks to go out to Mokoli'i (Chinaman's Hat) or Paddle the rain forest river in Kahana Valley and experience the epic mountains of the Ko'oloau Mountain Range.

*That's right, we deliver Kayaks, Stand up paddle boards and other beach equipment. Website price includes delivery. $76 minimum on all rentals.

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Oahu Tandem Kayak Rentals with free delivery

Daily and Multi-day Tandem Kayak Rental Prices

3 Hours

3 hour minimum rental duration

1 Day

Full day, $10 more than 3 hour rental

2 Days
3 Days

Rent 3 days for the price of two 1 day rentals

4 Days
5 Days

Get 5 days for only $11 more than 4

6 Days
7 Days
8 Days or more

Lowest Daily Rate

  • Oahu Tandem Kayak Rentals with free delivery.
  • Great Value with multi-day rentals. Cheapest 3-day rental price.
  • Call or book online. Reserve in advance for priority deliveries.
  • Delivery to cool places like Chinaman’s Hat (Mokoli’i) or near the Kahana Valley rain forest river.
How to prepare
  • Be sure to wear sunscreen
  • Contact us an hour before you need the gear picked up if you change the pickup time
  • Life vests, seatbacks, and paddles are included in every rental
  • Signing a waiver is required for all rentals.
  • Drybags are available for rent

“We live in town and wanted to rent kayaks for the day near La’ie and Active Oahu Tours was perfect. We got to the beach and our a worker met us and gave us the kayaks to use and then he picked them up after. Very reasonably priced compared to other places, plus they deliver which is convenient. I will definitely be renting from them again and would highly suggest them if you want to rent for all or part of a day near La’ie.”


“These guys are amazing. As far as flexibility, they cannot be beat. All day rental. Dropped off where we wanted, when we wanted, and picked up when and where we wanted. The best. There was a strap broken on one of the kayaks, but all the rest of the gear was fine. It allowed us to have a blast. We called them the night before we wanted to rent. Nice people too.”

Todd S.

“Renting paddleboards is the way to go! We rented paddleboards and snorkeling equipment to use at our beach house and it was definitely the way to go! The staff delivered and picked up and were great to communicate with. Will definitely rent again when we return.”

Rental Overview

Call or book online to schedule your rental. You will be able to request the delivery time, location and pickup time and location. You can also request straps and pads so that you can safely transport the equipment yourself on just about any vehicle. Dry bags are available, so be sure to reserve those when you call or book online. Our Oahu tandem kayak rentals come with seat backs, paddles, and life vests.

Due to high demand for kayaks, we charge a late fee if you do not return your kayak rental on-time. We are usually pretty flexible if you communicate with us. If you schedule rental times with us, please stick to them or you will be charged a $35 per kayak late fee.

Best Places to Go Kayaking on Oahu

Mokoli’i (Chinaman’s Hat)- Check out detailed info about this experience:

Kahana Bay, Kahana Stream

Laie – Malaekahana, Laie Bay

Kawela Bay – Near Turtle Bay

North Shore – May to September

North Shore and East Oahu Tandem Kayak Rentals

We are based out of Laie and deliver as far down as Kualoa Regional Park and as far North as Sunset Beach. For larger orders beyond that area, we can usually make the delivery, just call us. If you want to just pick up your kayak rentals in Laie, make a reservation and we can meet up to help you strap them on your vehicle.

About Our Rental Kayaks

Kayaks for hire near Hauula

Our main fleet of Kayaks for hire are all tandem (two-person) Malibu Two Ocean Kayaks. These are some of our favorite kayaks due to their stability, maneuverability, and utility. Malibu Twos also have a center seat that makes it great as a single kayak. The lighter hulls, about 57lbs, and a moderate length of 12ft really help them perform great in the ocean or off-shore streams. All of our normal rentals come with either aluminum or fiberglass paddles.

Kayak rental deliveries near Laie

We also have a growing fleet of Pro 2 Tandem kayaks from Malibu Kayaks. They cut through the water with ease and are great to be used as both a single or double. They are significantly longer (13ft) and heftier (75lbs), but they make up for it in their 550lb weight capacity and great handling especially in the ocean. If you select the premium option, you will either receive one of these larger kayaks with light fiberglass paddles or a newer Malibu Two Kayak.

We do have Malibu Two XL or Pro 2 Tandem kayaks for larger paddlers. The biggest advantage of the XL kayaks is the weight capacity which is 500lbs for the Malibu 2 XL and 550lbs for the Pro 2 Tandem compared to the regular Malibu Two that has a 425lb weight capacity. Please request the Malibu Two XL or one of our newer Malibu Kayaks Pro 2 Tandems when you book if that’s what you need.

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