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Adventurous Ocean Kayaking from Kailua Beach

Make your Kailua beach adventure one to remember. Rent a kayak and paddle to the Mokulua islands in Kailua and experience both an ocean kayaking and hiking adventure. Ocean kayak over the sheltered waters of Kailua Bay and take in the crystal clear waters and spectacular coral reefs. Transport the equipment easily from the meeting place to Kailua Beach on your vehicle using our provided pads and straps. Tandem Kayaks fit one or two people and include life vests, seat backs, and paddles. Book now to experience kayaking to the Mokulua Islands and Popoia Island. Permits are limited, so reserve your kayaks in advance!

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4hr - 1-Day
Kailua Beach Park
Kayak rental on the beach in lanikai

4hr - 1 Day Tandem Kailua Kayak Rental Prices

Tandem Kayak 4 Hours

4 hour minimum rental duration

Tandem Kayak Full Day

Full day rental, 8am - 5pm

2 Days
3 Days

Rent 3 days for $30 more than two 1 day rentals

4 Days
5 Days

Get 5 days for only $19 more than 4

6 Days
7 Days
8 Days or more

Lowest Daily Rate

  • Kayaking in the ocean protected by a barrier coral reef
  • Exploring Mokulua Nui, a Hawaiian bird sanctuary and surrounding reef that serves as a sea turtle and Hawaiian Monk Seal Habitat
  • Experience incredible views of Oahu’s Windward Coast
  • Kayak in the tranquil crystal clear waters of Kailua Bay
How to prepare
  • Apply sunscreen beforehand
  • Bring a sun visor and/or sunglasses
  • Bring shoes to hike around Mokulua island
  • Consider bringing or renting a dry bag to keep your personal belongings safe
  • Bring water and make sure to pack in whatever you pack out
  • Leave Valuables at Home (not in your vehicle)

“This was a great experience. One of my top 3 favorite things I did while visiting HI! The staff was so friendly and helpful when picking up my kayak. The pricing was great and well worth the 3 hours of fun, beauty, hilarity, and peace that it brought. I highly recommend it.”

Brit H

“The experience was great and the view was amazing! I loved how clear the water was and how nice the day was.”

Alyssa M

“There was Great communication, they were very prompt, very friendly, and made our experience so convenient!”

Kasie C
Rental Overview
  • Follow the directions sent in the confirmation email
  • 90 minutes or more to paddle out to the Twin Islands (Na Mokulua)
  • Around either side of Mokulua and discover tide pools.
  • The kayaking and hiking fit comfortably into 4 hours, but if you bring food and wear sunscreen, you can stay all day.

We provide the rental kayak and gear; you embark on a kayaking, hiking, and even snorkeling adventure. During the booking process, you will choose which 4-hour time or all-day availability works for you. You will also be able to select extra helpful gear like dry bags and snorkel equipment or even a standup paddleboard for those experienced in paddling in the ocean on a SUP. Once you book, an email will be sent to you with waivers to sign, the meeting location links, and other helpful reminders.

We will have your equipment ready for you at our shop at: 134B Hamakua Dr., Kailua, HI, 96734

You’ll be able to transport your kayak and gear on any 4-door vehicle using our special foam pads and straps.

Beginner kayakers should try paddling in Kailua Bay to Popoia Island (Flat Island) just off the coast from Kailua Beach.

Lanikai Beach is also a great stopping location when you are exploring the offshore islands or just cruising the shoreline. Lanikai Beach has been on many different “top 10 best” lists throughout the years. Check it out and maybe it will end up on yours!

Kayaking to Mokulua Island

The paddle toward Mokulua is usually a smooth ride, but it’s a long paddle if you aren’t used to it. We suggest experienced paddlers or physically fit individuals try this kayaking trip. The whole area is protected by the far edge of Kailua Bay’s Barrier reef, so high surf is rare. The best time to Kayak is in the morning. On calm mornings you can paddle through the glassy water, can see fish swimming in the reef below you. You will land your kayak on the west side of the island (the side closest to the shoreline of Oahu) and take the kayak up on the beach so you can explore.

Exploring Mokulua Island

The island is rocky, and the rocks can be hot during the afternoon hours so it is helpful to wear shoes while hiking around the base of the island. It takes around 15-20 minutes and is challenging due to the sharp lava rock.


Mokolii Sheerwater Nesting grounds on the Hiking TrailIf wave conditions are right you can hike around part of the perimeter of Mokulua. On the south side of the island, you can access the Queen’s bath which is almost always accessible. You also might come upon one of these fuzzy chicks. Please give the wildlife space and honor their presence. You are guests on the state wildlife sanctuary and all resources there are protected. Please stay off the middle of the island. The island is a bird sanctuary and nesting place for wedge-tail shearwaters and other birds. They make burrows in the ground where they raise their chicks

The plants and wildlife are abundant on, and around, the Mokulua Nui islet so it is not uncommon to see wedge-tailed shearwater birds swooping in the air, Hawaiian Monk Seals basking on the sand, or sea turtles just off the coast.

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