Chinaman's Hat Kayak Rentals

Chinaman’s Hat Kayak Rentals

Choose us when you are looking for Chinaman’s Hat kayak rentals. Experience the beauty of Oahu’s windward coast and one of its signature islets, Mokolii (Chinaman’s Hat), from the water, on its shores and, if you are ultra adventurous, from its peak. It’s a true one-of-a-kind Oahu adventure. We will help you experience the whole package with our Oahu kayak rental services. Our shop is a quick 25-minute Hop over from Honolulu. We’ll help you get the gear safely mounted on your vehicle and then you’ll be on your way to the most accessible kayaking adventure on Oahu.

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What it’s like to Paddle & Hike Chinaman’s Hat

In our opinion kayaking and hiking Chianaman’s hat is one of the best adventure experiences on the island. Here are 3 reasons why kayaking and hiking Chinaman’s hat is one of the beast Oahu adventures:

  1. Kayaking to Chinaman’s hat is accessible. You can pick up your kayaks from our shop on your way up from Honolulu. from there it’s just 35 minutes more to drive to Kualoa Regional Park where you can launch the kayaks from the beach park.
  2. Kayaking and Hiking Chinaman’s hat is challenging (but not too challenging). It is only about a 25-minute paddle to get to the islet and a 4-hour round trip total from the rental pickup to rental return. The bike is steep and rocky, but short. You’ll have plenty of time out in the island. Reserve our full day option if you are bringing lunch and just want to hang out longer on Chinaman’s hat Island.
  3. The views from Chianamn’s Hat are epic. It’s no wonder that so many movies are filmed along this coastline. It’s amazing! You’ve just got to experience it for yourself.

Chinaman's Hat kayak Rentals

Rent a Kayak and Paddle to Mokolii

With our Chinaman’s Hat kayak rentals, you can explore one of Oahu’s signature landmarks and film set to numerous movies such as Jurassic Park, Battleship and 50 First Dates. You’ll paddle across the crystal clear waters and glimpse some of the offshore reefs and maybe a sea turtle or two along the way while paddling in your ocean kayak to Chinaman’s Hat. The water is only about 10-12ft deep at its deepest point and the whole area is protected by the Kaneohe Bay Barrier Reef.

Kayaking Kualoa Regional Park
Chinaman’s Hat Kayak Rentals
Chinaman's Hat on Earth Day
Chinaman’s Hat on Earth Day. Pretty much the most popular time to go. Usually, there is no one here.

Once there you’ll land on a rocky and sandy inlet, then get ready to check out the offshore islet of Mokolii. There are trails around the circumference as well as several paths that head straight to the top. These are not official trails, but the area is included as part of Kualoa Regional Park, a very large coastal park managed by the City and County of Honolulu.

Top View of Mokolii
Top View of Mokolii from my friend who has an amazing pigeon that will carry his GoPro around and take amazing videos.
Chinaman's Hat Kayak Rentals
The base of Mokolii. Amazing views on an amazing day

Hiking Chinaman’s Hat

There are 2 options when it comes to hiking Chinaman’s hat:

  1. Go around the circumference of Mokolii – We suggest this safer option
  2. Hike up higher to get a better view and all the way to the top if you are comfortable with risks*

*Going all the way to the top of Mokoli’i is dangerous. Only do it if you are experienced and willing to take responsibility for your choices.

Hiking Around Mokolii

Hiking around Chinaman’s hat is much easier than going straight to the top, but each has plenty of rocks and will require you to put on some athletic shoes or maybe you already have barefoot skills and want to test your limits (the rocks get hot after 11am).

Back side of Mokolii
The backside of Mokolii. Great paddling and landing spot if it’s a calm day with no waves. It’s dangerous if there are any waves. You’ll see some blowholes from the lava tubes on wavy days

The backside of Mokolii has some tide pools and a nice mini inlet where you can sometimes land your kayak, but only on super calm glassy days.

Ocean kayaking Chinaman’s hat can be dangerous if you paddle around the backside of Chinaman’s Hat or try to circumnavigate it. The waves and current push from the ocean side to the rough rocky cliffs. Always stay between the island (Chinamans Hat) and the shoreline. The moment you set the island between you and the shoreline, the harder it is to paddle safely.
There is also a channel on the far side of the islet that has a current that can be dangerous. Consequently, you might end up in Tahiti or something if you take it all the way.
Stay between the islet and the coastline and you will be fine. Do not drink alcohol and kayak or consume alcohol on Mokolii. bodies of water and alcohol are an unsafe combination.

Hiking up Mokolii

Hiking up the islet is also dangerous. So, be responsible, watch your footing, hold on tight, and be safe. You are required to sign liability waivers before using any of our equipment, so it’s up to you to be conscious of your limits.

Hiking Mokoli'i on Oahu
Starting the hike up Mokolii

The trail up to the top of Mokolii is steep, but not too long. It’s rocky and sometimes slippery but plenty doable if you are looking for great views of the windward coast. You don’t have to hike all the way to the top to get great views from Chinaman’s Hat.

Hiking up Chinaman's Hat
You’re not even at the top and can still get a great view.

Views from the Top of Mokolii

Finally, after a tricky bit of climbing, you can get to the top of Chinaman’s hat with a panoramic view of the East side of Oahu (Windward Oahu). No matter which of the routes you choose, you’ll have to do some bouldering to get to the top. Please only climb to the top if you are experienced in bouldering. From the peak of Mokolii, you might recognize the mountains from Jurassic Park or some other epic movie backdrop. Don’t forget to feel the amazing breeze on the top. You usually won’t feel any wind until you crest to the top or go around to the other side of the island so it will be refreshing when you feel it again. After sweating to hike all the way up, just imagine stepping up to the top with that fresh ocean breeze washing over you. Totally worth it. Here are some pictures of the view at the top of Mokolii:

View from the top of Mokolii
View from the top of Mokolii
Chinaman's Hat Kayak Rental Panoramic view
This panoramic view all started with some Chinaman’s Hat kayak rentals
Kayaking to Chinaman's hat
Great idea for a father and son outing
Hiking Chinaman's hat
Or if everyone is adventurous, invite the whole family!

Furthermore, If these photos didn’t do their job at inspiring you to rent a kayak and paddle away, check out these videos. They are calculated to get you pumped to head out here and take advantage of our Chinaman’s Hat kayak rentals:

Now that you’ve seen it all, experience it for yourself! It’s a trip you can do over and over and never lose interest. Views that awe, experiences that inspire. It doesn’t get much better than this. We’ve got the best Chinaman’s Hat kayak rentals around, so give us a call at (808)498-1894 or book online and have an adventure!


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